It’s important to know that every state has specific laws when it comes to traffic rules. If you don’t know these laws, you risk getting a ticket that could cost you thousands. That is why there is a risk when you drive your car outside your home town, Best Traffic is offering online traffic class it should help a lot.

Typical laws that can vary from state to state are as follows:

Speed Limits

Speed limits on main thoroughfares and speed limits on side streets can vary from state to state. In one state it may be 65 on the open road and 20 on a side street while another state may be 75 on the open road and 25 on the side street. Not knowing this legal speed limit could cost you a pricey ticket.


Insurance requirements and regulations will vary from one state to another. Be sure that you’re properly insured for the states that you’re driving in.

Legal Alcohol Limits

The legal alcohol limit varies from one state to another. It’s important to know this especially if you’ve been out to the bar and had a few drinks. Don’t risk a costly ticket for being intoxicated while driving. Be wise and choose a designated driver that hasn’t had anything to drink.

Drunk driving penalties will also vary from one state to another. In one state you may lose your licence immediately and in another you may have to go through a special course to retain your license. It’s not worth the risk especially if you need to get to and from work or drive for a living.

Legal Age To Drive

In most states the legal age to drive is 16. However, there are a select few states that the legal age is 14 and 15. If you’re in a state that the legal age is younger, you still can’t drive in a state where the legal age is 16, even if you do have your license for the state you reside in. If you’re under the legal age to drive in a state and have your drivers license in another state, don’t drive in the state where the age is older until you reach that age.

Cell Phone Use When Driving

Most states will pull you over if they see you using a cell phone when you’re driving. There are still a few where you won’t get pulled over, but why risk it? Accidents happen every day due to cell phone use while driving.

It’s very important to know your state by state traffic rules when traveling in the United States.

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