Plastic surgery may not be open heart surgery, but why do so many people think they are going to simply get in a car and drive home? That’s usually not going to happen when you’ve just had a surgical procedure performed said Dr. Joseph Racanelli on your body by a plastic surgeon. That being said, your ride back home should be supplied by a friend or family member. For many procedures, there is recovery time, which means you might need extra assistance even after you get home.

Now, you’ve been told how you’re likely going to have to travel back home. What about getting out and about or even getting ready to travel for vacation? Not all travel is done in a vehicle of course. You might wonder if you can just hop on a plane anytime soon, right? After all, don’t the celebrities do that after plastic surgery procedures? They have hectic schedules, so it must happen, right?

First of all, it really depends on the procedure, and of course it can depend on the flight time, too. Moreover, what one plastic surgeon advises you to do can be different from what another plastic surgeon advises you to do. You might not have expected that, but it’s true. Furthermore, that makes you realize yet another reason why it’s important that you pick the best plastic surgeon.

I was looking at one person who asked a question about taking a flight that was a little over two hours long. The person had just had the procedure performed, and he or she was wanting to know when it would be okay to take the trip. The plastic surgery procedure this person had performed was a breast augmentation. According to the plastic surgeon that answered his or her question, the person needed to wait just a couple days in order to be cleared to fly.

Of course, you have to be sure you’re taking good care of yourself post-surgery. And again, while you might want to look at online resources for a second opinion, you want to know what your plastic surgeon has to say. Other plastic surgeons have provided people with advice online like the example I just mentioned, so that can help you, too. Just make sure you yourself feel ready to travel before you take off on the road in a vehicle or on a plane. You want to enjoy yourself when you do!


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