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Have you thought about getting a nose job in Dallas? You might not like the overall appearance of your nose. People often undergo rhinoplasty procedures because they would like to have smaller, thinner noses. Some people have larger bumps on their noses that they would like to have shaved down. When you would love to have a smaller nose that you believe is more attractive, you need to know more about the procedure before agreeing to have it done.

How Long Does It Take?

If you are getting a nose job in Dallas, the procedure may take up to three hours to complete. The amount of time it takes depends on the cosmetic surgeon and the work that he or she would need to complete to help you achieve a nose that you will love. During the procedure, you will be sedated and will not experience pain.

What Is the Procedure Like?

When a cosmetic surgeon is performing the procedure, he or she would make small incisions around the nose to access the tissue and bone. Parts of the bone may be shaved down if they are protruding forward. Excess tissue is often removed to make the nose appear much smaller. You can provide your cosmetic surgeon with pictures of noses that you like before the procedure begins. The pictures will let your cosmetic surgeon know exactl what you are hoping for when you are undergoing this type of procedure.

What Is Recovery Like?

Understanding what the recovery process is like is quite important. You are not going to notice the new shape of your nose right away because you will have some swelling and bruising from the surgery. It typically takes a total of two weeks to heal from the surgery. During that time, you may want to wear sunglasses and stay indoors as often as you can to prevent people from seeing the bruising. During the recovery, you will likely experience some discomfort. However, medication is often prescribed to provide relief. Once you no longer feel uncomfortable, you can stop using pain medication.

You can undergo a procedure to have the shape and size of your nose adjusted. If you have always thought that your nose was too long or wide, you can have it altered with help from a cosmetic surgeon. The rhinoplasty procedure does not take too long and the time it takes to recover is quite manageable.

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