What makes speed shore vertical shores the best product for your excavation or trench? These vertical shores provide maximum safety and a lot of versatility. They are the perfect solution for job sites where there is not a lot of room in which to work or where you may need to spot bracing around utilities or pipes.

These allow you to shore up a trench with the help of just one worker. As soon as the excavation is done, the trench can be shored. The walls are pre-loaded so that the soil stays intact and your workspace is maximized. Speed Shore offers their signature Speed Shore Vertical Shores as one of the best products available for Image result for Speed Shore Vertical Shoresmaintaining safety on any construction site.

Features of the Vertical Shores

These are flexible and can be used with OHSA-approved plywood or other sheeting. If the ground is stable, the vertical shores can be used against the trench’s face.

Installation is done 100 percent above ground and with the help of just one worker. No worries about the trench collapsing on a worker or causing them harm.

The shores are made of lightweight but durable aluminum alloy. The system works with easy-to-use hydraulics and is loaded with the help of pumps that are regulated by gauges. Everything that is loaded is balanced completely.

You can get extensions to add greater range. Cover different trench widths anytime you need to. Some shores with one cylinder are connected to short rails but they can be extended in areas where spot bracing is a necessity.

For the price, these are an affordable option for keeping excavations and trenches safe. It is your obligation to keep the job site safe and to comply with OSHA regulations when dealing with trenches. The vertical shores offer you a flexible, versatile and highly safe work environment. They can always be bolstered if needed with plywood or other sheeting.

Get your workers and your job sites the safety they deserve and that they need. Bring more versatility to the job site with a Vertical Shores product from a company that has pioneered products in the trenching industry.

With all the flexibility and all the options available, this is a great product that installs and dismantles easily with just one worker’s help. This is an affordable excavation or trench support that will be of use in many applications for your company in the future.


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