If your business is consistently using shoring for the construction of trenches, basements, and also in the construction or repairs of vessels or buildings. There will be plates made of metal or even plywood, that will be extended laterally to provide support for the surrounding materials. It can be used in a variety of ways. It can be extended vertically, horizontally, and may also be angled. Depending on the projects that you are working on the most, ICON Equipment said you will have to choose between the different types of shoring options that are available. These are the top reasons that you would need access to hydraulic shoring for a job you must complete.

Three Different Types Of Shoring

Image result for Top Reasons To Use Hydraulic ShoringThe three different types of shoring will include flying, raking, and dead shoring. If you are in need of lateral support of walls on either side of your project, raking shoring is what you will want to obtain. If you are working on a construction project that involves repairing or bringing down a building that is positioned between two others, flying shoring will be used. Dead shoring is used to provide vertical support such as when working on floors or a roof.

Why Would You Need Hydraulic Shoring?

The main reason that this type of shoring uses hydraulics is because of the power that it can provide. Hydraulically powered heavy equipment is known for its ability to lift and support incredible amounts of weight, and this will certainly be the case when you are working with large excavation projects. The hydraulic power will push out the plates, allowing them to connect with either side of the area that you are working in. This will prevent the collapse of that excavation, allowing you to complete your work inside before the trench or hole is covered up.

If you have been using shoring for many of the jobs that you do, you are well aware of the power of this type of shoring. If you own your own units, or if you rent them, they will likely use steel plates instead of those with plywood. Once in place, you will not have to worry about the sides collapsing because of the power that these shoring units will possess. These are quite common in larger excavation projects or any project that will require supporting substantial amounts of weight. If you have not obtained this type of shoring, you can find companies that will rent or sell these products to you. Just make sure that they are powered hydraulically so that you can feel confident about their ability to support everything around you.


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