When you think about vacation destinations in the US, how long does it take you to come up with Hawaii? It is one of the premier vacation destinations in this country, and people love to dream about vacationing there. If you have never been to Hawaii, you are picturing a tropical landscape, beautiful beaches and a luau atmosphere. That’s just a tiny portion of what you have coming to you if you travel Hawaii. For a Bonus, try hawaii honeymoon packages that will bring you the unique and most memorable honeymoon everyone is dreaming of.

Image result for hawaii hiking experienceYou know about Pearl Harbor for sure, and that leads us to the top attraction in Hawaii, the USS Arizona Memorial. Be prepared for quite an experience according to the reviewers. This is a memorial, so you have to think about that, as its not an attraction for big eyes and huge smiles. It is a sobering piece of history that will evidently leave you in awe.

Waimea Canyon is next up on the list of attractions to visit while you are in Hawaii. The reviews say that this place offers views that are breathtaking. It is going to be a beautiful drive for you they say, and there are also hiking trails to enjoy. Now, have you heard about Hawaii and all of its volcanoes?

It is time to stop by Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You actually get to see a volcano that is still active. Can you imagine what that is going to be like? They say that this is an attraction that is best seen during the nighttime. It is also going to require that you set aside perhaps more time than you would think.

Then there is the Diamond Head State Monument, which is going to be another hiking experience. Hey to see all of those beautiful sights in Hawaii, you have to be willing to be active. One person says that this attraction, once you are at the top, is the best view of Honolulu.

There are many more great attractions to visit all over Hawaii. Let’s look at one more as I close this out. It is the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, and it is supposed to be a great driving experience, complete with a gift shop. This might be a more relaxing adventure. One thing for sure, you are going to be up for all kinds of adventures once you get to Hawaii. Enjoy that vacation of your dreams, and see what you think when you get to the attractions on this list in person.


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