In Fremont, if you have recently injured your elbow, you may have what is called a tennis elbow. It is an injury that is done through repetitive action. It is often referred to as tennis elbow because of the repetitive movements that tennis players may have on only one side of their body, primarily because they use a tennis racket with their left or right hand.

This is something that can be resolved either through therapy or surgery. If you need to find a Fremont tennis elbow doctor, here is how you can locate one of these professionals.

What Are They Able To Do For You?

They’re able to help you with a couple of different ways. First of all, they may have you come in for heat and ice therapy. In particular, icing your elbow is a great way to reduce swelling and pain. Another possibility is to use an elbow strap that can prevent it from being used throughout the day.

Another possibility is that they will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications which may include ibuprofen and others. This can help with the reduction of pain, swelling, and inflammation. For physical therapy, these doctors may either provide this for you, or they may recommend you to a physical therapist.

How Do You Find One In Fremont?

You are able to find one of these professionals in Fremont very quickly. It takes just a few minutes of your time. First of all, you will search for a Fremont tennis elbow doctor, of which you will find many, and then you will set appointments with each one. After each initial consult, they can determine what is wrong with you, and then you can decide on which one will have the best course of action for your current condition.

The other possibility is to simply look at the reviews that they have received from prior patients, and choose them based upon who us the most recommendations.

Locating one of these doctors is a very easy process. Instead of living with the pain of tennis elbow, you should get treatment right away. You can start by icing your own elbow and using anti-inflammatory medications that you can get over the counter.

However, if it is quite severe, you may need physical therapy from a professional that understands how to resolve these issues. If addressed early enough, and through the modification of your usage of the arm with the tennis elbow, you can reduce the pain that you experience daily.

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