When you break down in your vehicle, you need to have the phone number to a towing company that can help you. These are toll-free numbers, ones that will directly connect you with a business that you have insurance with said a worker from Petaluma towing service. They will dispatch someone to your location. In under an hour, you should have your vehicle towed to a different location. They will usually take you to a mechanic, drop the vehicle off, and someone can pick you up. If you don’t have insurance, this could cost a lot of money. Let’s discuss how much it would cost if you did not have insurance, and then where you can find affordable insurance that can give you free tows whenever you are broke down.

What Does It Typically Cost To Have Your Vehicle Towed?

Image result for tow truck insuranceIt will probably cost you well over $100 to have one of these companies come out to your location. This is if you are in the city, and the only have to tow your vehicle less than 10 miles. However, if you are further away, perhaps in a rural area, you might be looking at over 100 miles. This could be very expensive, costing you hundreds of dollars, but this can be averted if you are able to get some type of insurance.

Where Do You Get Tow Truck Insurance?

This type of insurance is easy to obtain. You can find advertisements from companies like AAA and others that are going to sell you a very reasonable policy. They will have different levels. For example, the most inexpensive policy will likely allow you to use them just once or twice, and they will also have a maximum distance of about 5 or 10 miles. If you get their best policy, they will be able to tow you up to 200 miles and provide you with five or six tow truck services. All you will have to do is sign the paper, and they will bill your insurance. You can often find these policies for about $100.

After you have purchased one, it’s going to make it easier for you to travel long distances without worrying. You could be in a brand-new car, but that doesn’t matter, especially if one of the main components on your vehicle breaks down. It could be a flat tire, radiator that is boiling over, or it could be an electrical problem with your engine. It really doesn’t matter what the problem is. If you have this insurance, it’s not going to cost you very much to have it towed in to a local mechanic. Just look for deals on the web that are currently offering discount prices for this type of service. It is one of the most important types of insurance you can have.


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