Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend a peaceful afternoon in your backyard under the shade of a pergola with a drink by your side and your favorite book in your hand? You can even take a step ahead and plant a vine on top of the pergola to give a better look to the exterior of your house. This is exactly the kind of setting that most people dream of and when you have the much-needed space and money to get a pergola built, you should utilize it to the fullest extent. There are numerous outdoor pergola builders who are waiting to give a new dimension to your house simply by working on the exteriors.

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Types of pergolas

This is one of the hardest things to decide because both of them look amazing and you will be in a dilemma to choose one over the other. Here are the types of pergolas that you need to know about:

• Attached pergolas – these can be attached to anything such as your home, existing pool deck, a deck or on your porch. One of the benefits of these pergolas is that they can be built or installed very quickly. You don’t have to invest a huge sum of money to get it done.

• Freestanding pergolas – these are ideal when you have a garden and want a shade in the middle or on the side where you can sit and relax. Freestanding pergolas provide shade in your favorite sitting area in your front lawn or in your backyard.

A big reason why outdoor pergola builders are so popular with their work is that you get to see a new variety of pergola every time you contact one of them. It all depends on the space you can provide and the area that you want to cover. The visual appeal of pergolas has created a stir amongst homeowners and almost everyone is looking to have one in their garden or their backyard.

Pergolas with canopies

Pergola builders have come up with a new innovation of adding retractable canopies on pergolas and this idea has been a huge hit amongst the homeowners. These are installed once the pergola has been set. You can open the canopy and close it according to your wish. It provides a bit of extra shade, some more style, and a whole lot of protection to the people sitting under the pergola.


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