Deciding to get a Rhinoplasty is a big decision. Some feel that their physical appearance would benefit from getting the procedure. A lot of women feel more self-confident after it is performed. This is a personal decision that may increase your body positively. It is a relatively quick procedure; however, it can have a lengthy recovery time.

Those who choose to have their nose done can sometimes have the procedure covered by their insurance provider. Others choose to pay out of pocket or can’t get it covered. Rhinoplasty is unique as it is one of the only elective cosmetic procedures that can be covered by insurance. The out of pocket cost may be worth it.

The Cost Of A Plano Rhinoplasty

The cost will vary depending on a few circumstances. Those who wish to get their nose done have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their plastic surgeon. They all charge a different fee to perform the procedure.

The cost of the operating room and recovery room are not included in the surgeon’s fee. Some may also need pain medication that is not included. Some physicians will give you a free consultation.

Recovery Time

The recovery time is longer for some. Typically, it takes someone a few weeks to recover from a rhinoplasty. Your healing time may be different. The heaviest factor will be age. Most people get a black eye after the surgery is performed. You may have some pain after the procedure. If this pain is intolerable you should check in with your surgeon or primary care physician.

How A Plano Rhinoplasty Is Performed

The surgeon will perform the operation by breaking your nose and resetting it. This is almost literally done with a hammer. Most surgeons will do it this way. For those who have a mild bump, the procedure may be able to be done by shaving down the nose. This comes with less healing time and can make for a less painful recovery. While these options sound intimidating, you won’t feel a thing under general anesthesia.

Is It Worth It?

Should you consider getting a rhinoplasty? It’s up to you. It is never a good idea to get plastic surgery for someone else. Pay attention to what the surgeon tells you. He may tell you that your nose is fine the way it is. It’s also possible that he’ll tell you your expectations are unrealistic. Most who get one feel that it has boosted their confidence and improved the look of their face.

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