One of the biggest challenges of planning a party is figuring out what type of food to serve. A candy buffet can be a fun and effective way to take care of snacking throughout the day. Sometimes cost of decorations gets the most of the pie, the thing is, candy buffets are at the same time a decoration and a snack or dessert, buy bulk candies like the ones offered at and you get discounts. In essence, all that you have to do to create one of these buffets is line up your favorite candy on a table. Then, party guests can grab whatever types of candy they want as the party goes on.

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Here are some creative candy buffet ideas that you can use for your next party or event:

1. Choose candy that is all the same color. Creating a monochromatic candy display can be a great way to enhance the overall color scheme of your party. This works especially well for bridal showers since all of the candy can be color-coordinated with the wedding colors.

2. Choose candy in every color of the rainbow. For something a bit more fun and festive, feel free to look for brightly colored candy in every shade that you can imagine. Once it is all set out together on the table, it will create an eye-catching display that your party guests will have a hard time resisting.

3. Display the candy in glass jars or vases. Visit a local secondhand store to pick up a wide assortment of vases or jars. Look for vases that vary in height. Some should be tall and some should be much shorter. Then, fill each jar or vase with a different type of candy and place it out on the table. This can help create a beautiful display of candy that looks nearly as good as it tastes.

4. Make an eye-catching centerpiece by sticking lollipops into a foam ball, completely covering the surface of the ball. Then, position the ball on top of a tall candlestick holder to create a candy-themed topiary. Just make sure that the foam ball is large enough that the sticks won’t bump into the sticks from the other side.

These creative candy buffet ideas should help you plan the perfect party. Adding one of these fun buffets to your next party can help you create an event that everyone will be talking about long after it is over. Most people love the idea of being able to help themselves to a variety of different candy during a party. There is no better way to keep all of your guests happy.


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