Suffering from sinus infections is frustrating and uncomfortable. If only there was a permanent way to effectively get rid of infections like these as well as the headaches and other chronic problems they cause. The good news is that there is a new and effective way to eliminate nasal problems for good and it is through a new procedure called balloon sinuplasty.

Unlike other treatments that make use of endoscopic tools like forceps, this procedure works much like angioplasty. A doctor will guide a small balloon into the sinuses which then expands and opens up blocked vessels. This is similar to a doctor inserting a balloon in a blocked artery. This surgery results in permanent relief for nasal infection sufferers.

The surgery is not painful and recovery time is short. If this sounds like the answer you have been waiting for, ask your doctor if you are a good candidate for this permanent solution. The end result is permanent as it helps move and reposition the tissue and bone which gradually lets you breathe freely and comfortably. You get a real solution and not just temporary relief of unpleasant symptoms.

Could Balloon Sinuplasty Be Right For You?

There is one way to determine this. Check with your doctor to see if your symptoms are problematic enough to warrant a sinuplasty. Most insurance companies will cover this operation because it is so effective. You and your doctor can determine if your coverage will allow you to obtain this type of operation at no or little cost to you. Most of the time if you have these problems diagnosed early on your results will be more effective and long-lasting so do not hesitate to contact your doctor to have a discussion.

You are a good candidate for the surgery if you have chronic difficulty tasting or smelling and if you have bad breath that does not resolve with other treatments. Those who have recurring infections and headaches around the eyes are especially good candidates. Depending on your symptomatic severity your doctor can determine if you will do better with a partial or total procedure.

If you have tried medications and other types of conventional treatments without the problem resolving, find out if you are a good candidate for this surgery. Balloon sinuplasty is so beneficial that most insurance companies realize its benefits and they will cover the operation for any medically necessary reason.

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