New technologies such as pilot tube microtunneling can help constructions companies improve their productivity and their work efficiency. They enable teams to work faster and to do a much better job. For instance, by replacing the traditional small diameter auger microtunnel machines with pilot tube microtunneling technology, builders can install sewer pipes much easier and with lower costs.

Image result for The Advantages Of Pilot Tube MicrotunnelingThe relatively low cost of the equipment is yet another advantage of PTM. It’s always good to keep your construction costs as low as possible without having to compromise on the quality of the work. These advanced technologies are the perfect solution, so there’s no wonder they’ve gained such a traction over the past few years.

This guided-boring process has another huge advantage, which is its fairly small topside footprint. This means you can do your work without causing a lot of damage to the infrastructure around. Since fixing it is expensive, it’s easy to understand why builders prefer minimally intrusive solutions. This accurate on-line and on-grade installation has the great advantages of much lower costs, also due to the fact that the surface disruption is minimal. Anyway, the entire boring process is monitored through video cameras, so there’s very little room for error. The result is a higher accuracy than in case of other similar procedures. As the precision of this method is very good, it has been widely adopted across the entire US.

The pilot tube system can be used on various types of soil. The only challenges are large boulders and cobbles, but smart builders have managed to find ways to use their equipment even in such soil conditions. There are also auxiliary devices and procedures that allow for the use of PTM in sandy soils. Nonetheless, in order to be successful, these methods need to start with a detailed investigation of the soil type. A good preliminary work on detecting all potential issues and challenges can speed up such projects and increase their chances of success.

These are a few of the advantages of this modern guided-boring technique that has become almost the rule in the constructions industry. Smart builders realize that keeping pace with technology progress has lots of benefits, so they should learn everything they can about such new ways of doing old things. This can make the difference between being profitable and losing money on building projects. Efficiency should be one of the primary goals of all builders.


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